Teva Riva Peak Mid Event (2014)

Teva – best known for its outstanding sandals – has also released a range of boots. Put the Riva Peak Mid eVent on, and that sandal fit is clearly an influence as the forefoot is broad, the sole has a smooth, rolling action and the heel is neatly cupped in the back of the boot. The upper is mostly made from leather with modern styling and not too much stitching. The toe box is not as stiff as higher-priced boots, but there is some protection in there. The heel is also softer than higher-priced boots but again it does have some stiffness. There is a good rand on the toe for extra durability too. The outsole has widely spaced lugs that are not quite as deep as some and there is a minimal heel breast so this is going to be reasonable on valley paths but on steeper, wetter slopes the grip is not as good as some other boots. There is some reasonable stiffness in the sole though so your feet don’t have to work too hard, and certainly on reasonable paths this boot will perform well. But like many boots at the £140 mark it begins to struggle on rockier ground and more challenging terrain. Use the Teva Riva Peak Mid eVent for valley walks, though, and it is a good comfortable boot.

Upper materials full-grain leather

Waterproof lining eVent

Sole unit Vibram

Men’s sizes 6-12

Women’s sizes 4-8

Weight 1614g (pair, size 11)



The Teva Riva Peak Mid eVent is a well-priced boot considering it has a leather upper. It performs well on easier paths, moorland and valley walks, but higher-priced boots offer more to the hillwalker.

Features 4

Design 3

Comfort 4

Performance 3

Value 4

Overall rating 4

Review by Graham Thompson

Just missed out on being in Trail magazine May 2014


Teva Churn 2011

The Teva Churn weighs 584g (pair, size 9); mesh upper and drainage holes allow water out easily; very low-profile, stable platform; well-cushioned; fold-down heel converts shoe to a slide-on shoe; perfect for use in watersports. But away from water has very limited use; sole lugs very shallow so only good in water; upper allows water in easily.

The Teva Churn is perfect for watersports, but it’s not a hill-walker’s multi-activity shoe.

First published in Trail magazine May 2011

Teva Dalea Mid

A funky looking boot that’s so lightweight it could double up as a multi-activity shoe, the Dalea doesn’t even look out of place in the pub. They’re extremely comfortable from the box, with soft leather uppers that will suit a variety of foot shapes. They’re a great lightweight option for low-level walking, and the lightweight feel helps spur you forward with confidence. The Vibram sole grips well on most surfaces, even wet grass, and the eVENT lining keeps your feet dry and breathes well too. Good for summer.

: 4-10
Upper: Nubuck/suede
Lining: eVENT
Sole: Vibram
Weight (tested pair): 800g
Men’s available: No
Contact: 0203 0279 009;

Teva Riva Mesh Low Event

The sizing is quite small, but they have a decent amount of padding and the lacing goes down towards the toes, so it wasn’t too difficult to get a good stable fit. The uppers are predominantly mesh, which keeps the weight down, but the nubuck strips do offer some support and stability, and they also have good reinforcement at the toe and heel. An eVENT waterproof liner kept water out and although the soles worked best on firm, dry surfaces, there was some traction on softer ground too.

: UK 6-13
Upper: Nubuck/mesh
Waterproof lining: Yes
Weight (pair): 940g
Women’s version: No
Contact: 02030 279 009;

Teva Riva Mesh 2010

The Teva Riva Mesh is a remarkable shoe in many ways. Firstly it reminded me of Teva’s Wraptor sandals, which are really comfy, as this shoe is perfectly profiled underfoot to allow a wonderfully easy stride on every step. The forefoot is quite wide and spacious too, and it just feels superb on the foot. The upper is waterproof-lined but you also get a reasonably tough outer and some excellent protection around the toe box. Underfoot the performance edge continues with great stiffness in the sole, yet it still flexes to allow an easy natural walking gait. The outsole lug pattern is aggressive and ideal for biting into mud and wet grass for example. Better still it looks reasonable and is well-priced for the performance. A winner! But this is hard to fault as for walkers, casual use, trekking and travel it is spot on. But there are lighter shoes of course. Runners would benefit from other models and climbers would too. The upper may not be as durable as a leather version – but only time will tell on that.

Upper full-grain nubuck leather, durable mesh, eVent waterproof lining
Sole Vibram
Sizes 6-13
Weight 1056g (pair, size 11)
Made in China
Stores in the UK no info provided

The Teva Riva Mesh is a superb shoe for walking and general outdoor use unless you want something dedicated to running or climbing.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine May 2010

Teva Open Toachi Leather 2009

The Open Toachi Leather is similar to Teva’s excellent Wraptor series that has won these reviews in the past, in terms of its footbed. So you get that superb, easy walking action from the precurved sole, the excellent cushioning and the useful stiffness, which all makes the ride wonderful on every step. The outsole offers a good grip in mud and wet grass too, making these very useful on a variety of terrain. The upper is a leather strapped design, which is simpler than the Wraptors of the past and means this is less of a stand-alone product than before. However the straps are very comfortable, thanks to some padding in the inside. These are leather straps but there is a £60 non-leather version that would be better for backpackers needing a fast-drying product. The zinc-impregnated Microban footbed fights off the bacterial growth that can lead to the infamous sandal pong.  But the straps do not protect the toes as well as the old Wraptor or the current Teva Toachi without the open toe. It is also quite heavy, and this version has leather straps so it is slow to dry. The Teva Open Toachi Leather is good in terms of walking comfort and performance, but the synthetic strap version is recommended over the leather for campers and backpackers.


Upper waterproof leather, neoprene padding
Sole Spider rubber
Sizes 6-13 (men’s); 4-9 (women’s)
Weight 788g (pair, size 11)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 350+

Verdict: The Teva Open Toachi Leather has a great sole unit for a variety of terrain but Teva also makes a non-leather version and a closed-toe version that may be better for practical-minded walkers and campers. This sandal won ‘Best in Test’.


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine May 2009


Teva Sunkosi 2009

The Teva Sunkosi multi-activity shoe weighs 712g (pair, size 11); mesh upper; excellent sole comfort; snug elasticated lacing system; good toe bumper; sole has good grip, good stiffness and drainage holes. But not waterproof and not as protective, hard-wearing or supportive as more conventional shoes; others are better for scrambling, biking or walking on rough terrain.

Verdict: The Teva Sunkosi is an unusual shoe; fills a niche as a lightweight shoe for use in B&Bs, huts, etc and for watersports, casual use.


First published in Trail magazine May 2009

Teva Ossagon

The sizing is small. They do have a lovely soft footbed, though, and an excellent lacing system that gives a very secure fit. Nice and lightweight with a water-resistant suede upper. Although the chunky sole unit provides lots of stability, it feels a little flat for walking on and gives limited grip on softer surfaces.A nicely designed, very lightweight walking shoe, but let down by a flat sole with lack of grip on softer ground. Try before you buy as the sizing is small.

Colours: Walnut, dark gull grey

Sizes: 5-11 (UK), 38-46 (Euro’)

Upper: Nubuck

Waterproof lining: No

Sole: Spider Rubber

Weight: 620g

Men’s version: Yes

Contact: 01475 746000,

Teva Sunkosi

This is probably the most remarkable multi-activity shoe we’ve worn in years. It’s clearly evolved from the stunning Teva Wraptor sandal, and this means the shoe provides a wonderfully smooth rolling action and a great feeling of comfort on the foot. Unlike a sandal, these have a mesh upper that wraps over the foot. The lacing system is unusual too as it comprises Teva’s Wraptor Fit system, so you get a webbing strap under the arch and heel plus an elasticated cord along the top of the shoe which works really well. The toe bumper is solid and the sole is a functional design with good grip, good stiffness and drainage holes. The low weight is a bonus that means you won’t mind taking them as an alternative to your boots.
They aren’t waterproof and we don’t know how long the bungee cord lacing system will last. Other shoes are better for scrambling (the forefoot is quite wide so it lacks the close, dexterous feel of others). Other shoes are probably more protective on rocky ground, too.


Upper: synthetic and mesh
Sole: Spider rubber with drainage ports
Sizes: 7-14 (men’s); 5-11 (women’s); 8-6 (children’s)
Weight: 840g (pair, size 11)
Made in: China
Stores in the UK: 362

Verdict: An unusual shoe that fills a niche if you want a lightweight shoe for water sports, travel and walking in warm weather. They’re fine for general outdoor use.


First published in Trail magazine, April 2008

Teva Karnali Wraptor

The Teva Wraptor has been a regular winner of Trail’s sandal reviews over the years as it’s the most functional sandal on the planet by a huge margin. This latest incarnation has a toe protector and a new sole unit that allows water to escape through a system of drainage holes. The straps have changed a little and now offer better adjustment as well as being softer. The footbed is a zinc-impregnated Microban design, which fights off the bacterial growth that can lead to the infamous sandal pong. The result of all these nips and tucks is even more comfort than the original Wraptor and it’s also a fiver lower in price than the Wraptor of 2006. For my money this is the quintessential sandal for those who want comfort and performance, no matter where they want to walk. The Teva is quite a heavy sandal, so it’s not the best option if weight is your first priority. The price tag is an obvious drawback  too, compared to some other options. So if you only want a sandal for occasional use and don’t need it for river crossings and wearing as your sole alternative to your walking boots, other sandals have advantages.


Upper: synthetic straps, Texprene padding
Sole: non-marking Spider Rubber outsole with drainage ports
Sizes: 7-14 (men’s); 5-11 (women’s)
Weight: 800g (pair, size 10)
Made in: China
Stores in the UK: 362

Verdict: Buy it if you want a sandal that’s superb on all suitable terrain.


First published in Trail magazine, April 2008

Teva Hurricane 3

These sandals’ synthetic straps are fast-drying; very durable design due to continuous strap that wraps around food and sole unit; two-point Velcro adjustment; sticky rubber sole designed for wet environments. But shallow lug pattern on sole; very bendy sole; lack of protection for the feet; no padding under straps.

Verdict: Buy it if you want a low-priced water sports sandal.

Teva RS Universal

The neoprene-lined waterproof leather straps on these sandals from Teva take a moment to feel right, but then feel like you’ve worn them all your life. Despite having only two points of adjustment, they hold your feet securely and comfortably in place. They may look pretty minimalist, but support and shock absorption are good. The outsole works well on firm ground, even when wet, and the medium-stiff midsole is good. Could be more stable and protective on rough ground

Verdict: A traditional-style unisex sandal that offers good all-round performance, but others here provide more protection and stability on rougher terrain.

Colours: Bat

Sizes: Unisex 3-15 (UK), 35-51 (Euro’)

Upper/straps: Waterproof leather/neoprene

Sole: Traction rubber

Weight: 750g

Contact: 01475 746000;