Vango Pumori (2014)


The grey nubuck leather upper does not have too much stitching and there is a fabric tongue, while a ProTex waterproof membrane is provided inside to keep your feet dry. The upper has little stiffening though. However, the outsole does have deep lugs that are widely spaced and you get a small heel breast to help descents. 3/5


The Vango Pumori comes in sizes 7-13 for men and 3-9 for women. The ankle cuff is cut away at the back to help the fit. But this boot does lack the precision fit that you can obtain from higher-priced boots. It was quite wide and high in volume, which some will like of course; meanwhile others, like myself, may feel it is not precise enough. 3/5


There is a lot of padding inside so this boot  does feel comfortable on the foot, although the loose, ‘baggy’ fit probably helps it feel comfy too as does the slightly lower back to the ankle cuff. It only weighs 1334g (pair, size 11), which again adds to the comfort. There is also good cushioning and the bendy sole makes walking on level surfaces comfortable. 4/5

In use

The upper is quite soft around the toes and heel cup, and when combined with the ‘baggy’ fit and flexible sole this all adds up to a lack of support and protection. This makes the Vango Pumori fine for level ground, but traversing slopes and rockier ground is less comfortable or precise in these. The outsole grips quite well though on softer ground. 3/5


The price is exceptionally good, but you get better fit and better performance on more uneven ground if you pay more. 4/5


If you have a tight budget the Vango Pumoris will get you up the hills, but they are best suited to paths and moorland.


Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine December 2014