Timberland T-Back Sandal 2011

The Timberland T-Back Sandal is a sandal with modern styling and more protection than most from the upper. The straps are made of leather with neoprene padding for extra comfort. There are two adjustment points while the heel area is quite stretchy to help secure the sandal to the foot. The footbed has a raised rim, which can provide some extra protection for the toes, particularly if your feet tend to migrate off the ends of sandals. Underfoot the outsole has a large number of stud-like lugs that are quite deep and closely spaced for grip on grass. The outsole is also quite soft and bendy for more comfort on level terrain.  But some might prefer a third heel adjustment strap, so check the fit before buying these. The lip around the sole does provide more protection, but it tends to prevent stray grit from escaping so easily when it makes its way onto the footbed. That bendy sole unit is not so good on more uneven ground. The leather upper is slower-drying than synthetic options too. Add in a high price tag and this is not ideal.

Upper leather with neoprene padding
Sole rubber
Sizes 6-14 (men’s); 3-9 (women’s)
Weight 420g (pair, size 7)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 36

The Timberland T-Back is comfortable on easier ground, but has a high price tag for a sandal that is not so good on more challenging treks.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine May 2011