Teva Open Toachi Leather 2009

The Open Toachi Leather is similar to Teva’s excellent Wraptor series that has won these reviews in the past, in terms of its footbed. So you get that superb, easy walking action from the precurved sole, the excellent cushioning and the useful stiffness, which all makes the ride wonderful on every step. The outsole offers a good grip in mud and wet grass too, making these very useful on a variety of terrain. The upper is a leather strapped design, which is simpler than the Wraptors of the past and means this is less of a stand-alone product than before. However the straps are very comfortable, thanks to some padding in the inside. These are leather straps but there is a £60 non-leather version that would be better for backpackers needing a fast-drying product. The zinc-impregnated Microban footbed fights off the bacterial growth that can lead to the infamous sandal pong.  But the straps do not protect the toes as well as the old Wraptor or the current Teva Toachi without the open toe. It is also quite heavy, and this version has leather straps so it is slow to dry. The Teva Open Toachi Leather is good in terms of walking comfort and performance, but the synthetic strap version is recommended over the leather for campers and backpackers.


Upper waterproof leather, neoprene padding
Sole Spider rubber
Sizes 6-13 (men’s); 4-9 (women’s)
Weight 788g (pair, size 11)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 350+

Verdict: The Teva Open Toachi Leather has a great sole unit for a variety of terrain but Teva also makes a non-leather version and a closed-toe version that may be better for practical-minded walkers and campers. This sandal won ‘Best in Test’.


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine May 2009