Teva Karnali Wraptor

The Teva Wraptor has been a regular winner of Trail’s sandal reviews over the years as it’s the most functional sandal on the planet by a huge margin. This latest incarnation has a toe protector and a new sole unit that allows water to escape through a system of drainage holes. The straps have changed a little and now offer better adjustment as well as being softer. The footbed is a zinc-impregnated Microban design, which fights off the bacterial growth that can lead to the infamous sandal pong. The result of all these nips and tucks is even more comfort than the original Wraptor and it’s also a fiver lower in price than the Wraptor of 2006. For my money this is the quintessential sandal for those who want comfort and performance, no matter where they want to walk. The Teva is quite a heavy sandal, so it’s not the best option if weight is your first priority. The price tag is an obvious drawback  too, compared to some other options. So if you only want a sandal for occasional use and don’t need it for river crossings and wearing as your sole alternative to your walking boots, other sandals have advantages.


Upper: synthetic straps, Texprene padding
Sole: non-marking Spider Rubber outsole with drainage ports
Sizes: 7-14 (men’s); 5-11 (women’s)
Weight: 800g (pair, size 10)
Made in: China
Stores in the UK: 362

Verdict: Buy it if you want a sandal that’s superb on all suitable terrain.


First published in Trail magazine, April 2008