Source Gobi

A popular and comfortable sandal that’s unchanged for 2008. The synthetic straps are fast-drying, making it ideal for river crossing and backpacking. There’s also good neoprene padding behind these straps, which are welcome for the extra comfort they bring compared to non-lined straps of lower-priced options. Of particular interest is the unique ‘guaranteed for life’ Green Spot on the sole of the sandal. Basically, for as long as the green spot can be seen, the sandal is guaranteed against manufacturing faults. The sandal is easy to adjust, thanks to the presence of Velcro straps rather than buckles, while the stiffness of the sole unit is great for general walking on uneven terrain as well as on level ground. Overall, a good all-round sandal for general walking when boots or cross trainers are not required.
The main drawback of this sandal is that the lug pattern on the outsole is very shallow, so on a grassy slope the grip is not as good as some others. A little more padding around the instep straps is found with some other sandals too. Like most sandals the toes are quite exposed, while some other models offer more protection in this area.


Upper: polypropylene and Dri-Lex webbing, neoprene padding
Sole: triple density construction advanced rubber
Sizes: 40-46 (men’s); 37-42 (women’s)
Weight: 628g (pair, size 42)
Made in: Far East
Stores in the UK: 50

Verdict: A good sandal in general for wet and dry terrain when walking or travelling, but others offer a little more protection and better grip on rough and muddy terrain.


First published in Trail magazine, April 2008