Source Gobi 2009

The Source Gobi has proven itself for many years and remains a good general-purpose sandal. Its straps are synthetic, making them fast-drying and ideal for crossing rivers when backpacking. There is also good neoprene padding behind these straps, which adds extra comfort compared to more basic, lower-priced sandals. The ‘green spot’ on the sole is a measure of wear that the shoes have experienced, and if it is still intact when a problem occurs the guarantee still stands. The Velcro straps make this sandal easier to adjust than a buckled alternative, while the stiffness of the sole unit is great for general walking on uneven terrain as well as smooth terrain. Use the Gobi for general walking when boots or cross trainers are not required, and it will often be a good option.  But use the Source Gobi on muddy, grassy slopes, and the drawback of these sandals is clear, as the lug pattern on the outsole is very shallow, and so the grip is not as good as some others’. Some sandals have more protection around the toes and also around the instep straps. Also, some are better cushioned underfoot and feel softer next to the foot.


Upper polypropylene and Dri-Lex webbing, neoprene padding
Sole triple density construction advanced rubber
Sizes 40-46 (men’s); 37-42 (women’s)
Weight 628g (pair, size 42)
Made in Far East
Stores in the UK 50

Verdict: The Source Gobi is ideal for travelling and backpacking in many ways, but others offer a little more protection for the foot and give better grip underfoot for rough and muddy terrain.


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine May 2009