Regatta Lady Wetland X-LT II

These fabric boots from Regatta are really lightweight and very comfortable, and feel more like multi-activity shoes than walking boots. The relaxed fit makes them great to wear, although for a walking boot they aren’t as supportive as they could be. Really only suitable for low-level walks, the Wetlands keep your feet dry, with soft mesh/suede uppers which flex easily and allow you to move quickly. The rubber bumpers at the toe and heel provide good protection from rocks.

Verdict: A lightweight, multi-activity-style boot that performs well enough for most low-level walking. The fit is soft and roomy and the ankle cuff is low, which some will love.

Colours: Vapour/fountain/heather or clay/dark beige/apricot

Sizes: 3-8 (UK), 36-42 (Euro’)

Upper: Suede/mesh

Waterproof/breathable lining: Wicking lining

Sole: X-LT Sole

Weight: 900g

Men’s version: Yes

Contact: 0161 749 1313;