Regatta Frontier Mid (2015)


The Regatta Frontier Mid is very lightweight at 1218g (pair, size 11) but you still get some good features. The upper is a mix of synthetic and suede leather, with an Isotex waterproof and breathable lining. The ankle cuff is slightly higher than most low-priced boots, which is great. There is also good stiffness in the toe, heel and sole unit. The lugs on the outside are well-spaced and deep. 4/5


This boot comes in men’s sizes 6-12 and women’s sizes o3-8 and it fits quite closely, although it is not quite as glove-like and as precise as higher-priced options. But there is good space in the toes, and the tongue and ankle cuff fasten neatly around the foot. Very good at this price. 4/5


The Regatta Frontier Mid is a lightweight boot that is also quite soft between the laces and toe box, but in other areas it has good stiffness. The ankle cuff felt a little too firm compared to higher-priced boots that had softer padding, but generally this is pretty good. The sole is not as a stiff as higher-priced boots so on really rocky ground your feet do tire a little more in these. 3/5

In use

The outsole lugs are deep and well-spaced so grip on softer ground is good. The sole is also quite stiff, so this is not bad on rockier ground either, although higher-priced boots with even stiffer soles are better. The fit is not quite as close as the best boots, so the Regatta Frontier Mid is less precise on rockier ground and durability may not be ideal compared to one-piece leather designs. 3/5


The Regatta Frontier Mid is remarkable value for £85, as while some pricier boots are better, this is far better than many boots at this price or higher. 5/5


If you can’t pay more than £85 the Regatta Frontier Mid is a superb option that can be used successfully on a variety of terrain. 3.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015