Montrail Continental Divide

This trail-running shoe came second to the Inov-8 315 back in 2006, and today it is still a worthy alternative. Montrail has a heritage of ultra marathon running, and this is a shoe built for carrying its wearer for thousands of miles along trails. So cushioning and support are its key advantages over other shoes. It provides a broad platform of support, a feature that will be welcome if you are trotting along steady trails for hour after hour rather than doing shorter runs over more uneven terrain. There’s lots of cushioning too, which means you can use this on hard surfaces quite comfortably, which is useful if you have to run on a road at the start or end of your adventure. The sole unit has an aggressive lug pattern that is ideal on general tracks, but it is also adequate on harder surfaces and will keep a reasonable grip on muddy grassy slopes. The sole flex is quite firm with a good toe flex. The upper is made with very breathable mesh, and is well-protected around the toes and sides to enhance durability. There is lots of heel support too. Use this for general off-road running, either for very long distances or for a mix of easier trails and short road sections, and you’ll find these ideal for your jaunts. But this is not a light shoe, so it is not the best for those wanting speed and lightness of foot. Also the outsole is not quite as aggressive as some, which means it is not quite so good on grass or mud. The Montrail is geat for long distance road and dirt tracks, while other shoes are  better for pure off-road running where mud and the ability to skip across boulders is the priority, particularly where speed counts too.


Upper: breathable mesh and synthetic reinforcement
Sole: TerraHex sole unit with medial posting
Sizes: 6-14 (men’s); 2.5-8.5 (women’s)
Trail fit profile: forefoot 2; heel 2; volume 2; length 2
Weight: 992g (pair, size11)
Made in China
Stores: England 7; Wales 0; Scotland 0; Ireland 0

Verdict: Buy it if you regularly go trail-running on mixed terrain of road, rock, gravel, mud and grass and want an all-rounder that offers support, cushioning and reasonable grip.