Meindl Respond (2014)

The Meindl Respond is very much an all-round outdoor shoe with a good range of general features. So you get a mesh upper with a waterproof lining and some suede leather overlays to provide some durability. The heel cup offers very good support for uneven ground while the toe box is less protective, but it does get a rand for durability and there’s at least some stiffness in this area to protect the foot from stray rocks. The sole unit is less aggressive than some other models we looked at, with quite shallow lugs that mean this shoe isn’t great on mud or grass slopes – and that’s a slight niggle with this otherwise good design. Stiffness in the sole is good, though, and there is also decent cushioning to take the pounding out of walking on hard terrain. On the foot the Meindl Respond feels quite spacious, and I found it generally comfortable. Wearing it for day-to-day walks it performs well, but move onto more challenging terrain such as mud or rock and other shoes have benefits. As this weighs 1020g (pair, size 11) it isn’t the lightest option so it’s not great for fast and light activity, and considering what it offers the price is a little high compared to others. The Meindl Respond is an all-rounder, but deeper lugs would make it better on soft ground.


Upper material synthetic mesh and suede leather

Waterproof lining Gore-Tex

Sole unit Meindl Contagrip double density

Men’s sizes 6-12

Women’s sizes 3.5-8

Weight 1020g (pair, size 11)



The Meindl Respond is a comfortable, modern shoe that offers reasonable general-purpose performance, but some tweaks to the design would make it better on softer surfaces.

Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine May 2014