Meindl Jorasse GTX (2016)


The Meindl Jorasse GTX’s weight of 1804g (pair, size 46) is instantly appealing, and it’s obvious you’re getting a solid winter walking boot here. This means there’s an upper made from synthetic materials and leather with minimal stitching plus a full rubber rand around the boot and a Gore-Tex waterproof lining. Underfoot the Vibram sole has deep, well-spaced lugs combined with good stiffness for the B2 class. 5/5


The size range is more impressive than many winter boots: men’s 6-12 and women’s 3½-8. You get a little more volume too, so some extra wiggle room is available here, although it doesn’t feel quite as precise and close-fitting as some models. A great option if you prefer a little more room, though. 5/5


The Meindl Jorasse GTX is very comfortable straight from the box, with the boot basically providing a soft but supportive barrier between your foot and the mountain. There’s a double tongue that allows the lacing to be very comfortable on top of the foot. The ankle cuff is a good height but it also has good cushioning so it supports the foot, but in a comfortable way. 5/5

In use

There is very little difference in performance between this and the Scarpa Manta Pro, but the Meindl Jorasse GTX does feel very slightly higher off the ground and slightly less precise when walking or placing the foot. It easily takes a crampon with a heel clip, though, and the ankle cuff provides a similar degree of support that allows just the right blend of support and movement. 4/5


Very good performance for winter hillwalkers and the price is good for what you get. 4/5


The Meindl Jorasse GTX is an excellent winter walking boot that competes strongly with the Scarpa Manta Pro, but doesn’t quite benefit from the same precise feel to the ground. 4.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine January 2016