Meindl Emotion XCR

This multi-activity shoe came 5th in Trail test in 2006 and it is still great. It features a Gore-Tex XCR waterproof lining, so there is nothing better to keep you dry. The upper is a mix of suede leather and synthetic mesh to keep the weight down and the style up. The upper is reasonably supportive throughout with a very supportive heel cup to protect the feet on uneven ground. The sole is the best feature, being stiff enough to take the discomfort out of uneven ground and cushioned enough to make hard surfaces soft on the foot. The outsole lug pattern is reasonably aggressive, and a substantial heel breast adds to the grip during descents. The sole flex is nice and stiff so you can cycle in these or walk on uneven terrain in comfort, yet you will find they are comfortable straight from the box too. But the mesh will wear out faster than a full leather upper, while a mesh shoe without a waterproof lining would be cooler in hot, dry weather. Some others also have a more aggressive sole unit. But those are minor drawbacks that don’t detract significantly from this as a useful shoe for general outdoor use.


 Upper: suede leather and mesh, Gore-Tex XCR waterproof lining
 Sole: Meindl Magic double density
 Sizes: 6-14 (men’s); 3.5-8 (women’s)
 Trail fit profile: forefoot 2; heel 2; volume 2; length 2
 Weight: 1072g (pair, size 11)
 Made in Far East
 Stores in UK: England 150; Wales 25; Scotland 20; Ireland 15

Verdict: Buy it if you’ll be walking or biking or travelling on most terrain and want a good all-round performance as only a few shoes are better.