Meindl Air Revolution 4.1 (2015)


The Meindl Air Revolution 4.1 has a double tongue with the inner layer being made of 3D perforated mesh for more breathability on the top of the foot. Synthetic layers and suede as well as a rubber rand and a Gore-Tex waterproof lining complete the upper. But it may lack some durability with all that stitching. The outside is a Vibram unit with very deep and widely spaced lugs. 4/5


The men’s version comes in sizes 6 to 12 with the women’s version in 3½ -9, meaning this has a wider range of sizes than most 3-4 season boots. The fit is foot-hugging with quite a spacious toe. The ankle cuff is as high as any and it fits neatly too. This all means the Meindl Air Revolution 4.1 is a great-fitting boot. 5/5


It is also a very comfortable boot, with that ankle cuff gently cushioning movement, the toe allowing plenty of room and the contact areas on the foot being soft. The outsole has a good flex to it, to make walking comfortable. The upper is slightly softer than some boots, though – although there is not much in it. 5/5

In use

The Meindl Air Revolution 4.1 is not quite as stiff as the best we looked at, with just a little more flex in the sole and upper than is ideal for snow. That upper may not be quite as durable as full leather either. But you get less weight, more breathability and a more spacious toe. So it feels great for walking, but for more technical ground its boxy toe, flex and durability are potential drawbacks. 4/5


The weight and extra breathability are the big benefits here, but they come at a financial cost. 4/5


The Meindl Air Revolution 4.1 is a fairly light, highly breathable boot that is great for general walking, but others have performance benefits. 4.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015