Mammut Atlas (2012)

If comfort is what you are looking for in a boot, then check out the Mammut Atlas because straight off the shelf this is like wearing a pair of slippers on a thick pile carpet. There are many reasons for this injection of comfort. Firstly the Atlas is a very lightweight boot with a low ankle cuff so it feels unrestrictive. The upper is soft and flexible, and it hugs the foot like a slipper too. Underfoot there is a massive amount of cushioning, and this gives the Atlas a bouncy, comfortable feel on every step. The drawback is that it is a less capable boot on more challenging terrain compared to others. The upper is less stiff and supportive, and so on rockier ground your feet are less well-protected than with stiffer boots. In terms of durability it is unlikely that the mesh upper is going to last as long as a full leather upper. The flex in the sole is comfortable but it forces the foot to work harder on rockier ground and when scrambling. Finally the Mammut Atlas’s outsole lug pattern is not as aggressive as some alternatives, so on muddier ground it does not provide the same degree of grip as others.

Upper materials fabric and suede leather
Waterproof lining Gore-Tex
Sole unit Vibram  HLX
Weight 1058g  (pair size 11)
Men’s sizes 7-12
Women’s sizes 4.5- 7.5


In terms of comfort the Mammut Atlas is superb, but it does not offer the performance on more challenging terrain offered by other boots, so it is best kept to easier terrain.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine December 2012