Lomer Tofana/Gardena (2012)

The Lomer Tofana/Gardena has frequently received rave reviews in Trail for being a great-value workhorse for the hillwalker. The upper is pretty stiff, particularly for this price, and this both protects and supports the foot on rockier ground. As there is so little stitching there is little chance of the upper leaking or falling apart over time, but you do get a waterproof lining to keep your feet dry if the leather gets saturated. The toe box is solid too, so the foot is well-protected from stray rocks bouncing onto your foot. Underfoot the Vibram sole is a very aggressive unit with widely spaced deep lugs to give a great grip without becoming easily clogged. The heel breast is also very deep and provides great braking power on slippery terrain when descending. On rock the sole unit is stiff enough to reduce the need for the foot to mould to every rock, which makes the Lomer Tofana/Gardena great for scrambling over bouldery terrain all day. For a little extra comfort there is some soft padding around the ankle, but even so this is not quite as instantly comfortable as bendier boots, even though it is ideal in terms of performance and durability.

Upper materials anfibio leather
Waterproof lining Mertex
Sole unit Vibram Viking
Weight 1664g (pair size 11)
Men’s sizes 7-12 (Tofana)
Women’s sizes 3-8 (Gardena)


The Lomer Tofana/Gardena is a benchmark boot for the hillwalker in need of great performance and durability at a great price, and it won Trail’s ‘Best in Test’ accolade.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine December 2012