Lafuma Otava

Like most multi-activity shoes , the Otava has a Gore-Tex XCR waterproof lining, and at this price it has to compete with many similar models. However there are some slight benefits to this shoe over others. Notably the upper has leather reinforcement around the lower edges, to add vital durability when crossing rock and scree. The toe gets reinforcement too. Double lines of stitching are also used in vulnerable areas. Heel support is good, and underfoot cushioning is ideal for hard and rocky surfaces. The outsole is a Vibram unit with a reasonably aggressive pattern of lugs and once again there is good stiffness to resist the strain of negotiating rocky ground. Use this for walking, mountain biking, travel and approaching crags and it will perform well. It’s also a stylish, low-cut design that just looks great and feels good when just hanging out and talking hills at the bar. But the toe box is a little softer than some others, so it is not the best for tackling scree and really rough terrain – and that really is the main drawback of this design. The outsole lug pattern is good, but some are perhaps a little more aggressive as this lacks a heel breast for example. There are lots of other shoes at this price, so what is right for you will heavily dictate your choice.


Upper: 1.6/1.8 Nubuck leather and synthetic mesh, Gore-Tex XCR waterproof lining
Sole: Vibram Runner
Sizes: 6-12 (men’s); 3.5-8 (women’s)
Trail fit profile: forefoot 2; heel 2; volume 2; length 2
Weight: 1016g (pair, size 11)
Made in Far East
Stores in UK: 30

Verdict: Buy it if you want a good all-rounder for biking, walking and travel then this is one of the best at the price.