La Sportiva Trango Trek GTX (2015)


Low weight combined with stiffness and support are what sets the La Sportiva Trango Trek GTX apart. It only weighs 1614g (pair, size 11) yet you get a stiff sole unit from Vibram with deep, well-spaced lugs. Add in a full rubber rand and the weight saving is then achieved by using suede leather and synthetic fabric on the upper, rather than full-grain leather; but you do get a Gore-Tex lining. 4/5


There is only a men’s version of this boot available and it comes in sizes 41-47. The fit is typical of La Sportiva, being quite close, neat and precise, making it ideal for scrambling and walking on rockier ground. The ankle cuff height is about average but it is slightly more supportive while maintaining flex where needed. 4/5


The closer fit makes the La Sportiva Trango Trek GTX feel a little more restrictive, but it is well-cushioned and some will prefer this to ‘baggier’ boots. The roll of the foot is good, but as the toe is a bit more precise and profiled this doesn’t feel quite so nice as others for pure walking. Use it on rock for scrambling and it is the clear winner though. 4/5

In use

As is often the case with La Sportiva there is more of a mountaineering /  mountain walking / via ferrata performance edge to this boot, which sets it apart from everything else here. You can still use it for hillwalking and Munro-bagging perfectly well, but others just feel a little easier on the foot for those activities. But if you like moving over rock, this is perfect. 4/5


There’s no one-piece leather upper so the price of the La Sportiva Trango Trek GTX is a little high compared to others, but good performance balances out the value. 3/5


The La Sportiva Trango Trek GTX is perfect if you want a boot that’s slightly biased towards moving on rock and scrambling. 3.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine May 2015