La Sportiva Trango Alp GTX (2015)


The La Sportiva Trango Alp is a very stiff and robust boot yet it weighs just 1914g per pair, which is light for its features. You get a very stiff upper with synthetic Flex Tec material and leather overlays. There is a huge rubber rand too. Gore-Tex provides waterproof and breathable protection. The sole is a stiff Vibram unit with very deep and widely spaced lugs. 5/5


The men’s model is sized 41-48 and the women’s comes in 37-42, and on me this boot provides a closer and neater fit than most. The ankle cuff is about 1cm higher than most boots and this area fits closely. The toe box is more pointed than most others, and generally it felt narrower and more precise in terms of its fit. 5/5


That close fit and high ankle cuff are very comfy with no hard spots even for my bony feet. The ankle cuff flexes forward more easily than most, which allows a relatively easy walking action, although softer boots are even easier on the foot. The toe flexes just enough to make walking below the snow easier, but it doesn’t offer the smoothest rolling action. 4/5

In use

On rock and snow the La Sportiva Trango Alp has the edge over many boots we looked at as its neat fit, narrow profile and precise feel make it ideal for more delicate work while its deep lugs are great for keeping a grip. But when walking its higher ankle cuff, stiffer sole and narrower profile make it a less natural fit to the terrain. So a great all-rounder with a bias towards more technical ground. 5/5


This is a high price tag as you are not getting the one-piece leather upper that is generally a feature of costlier boots. 4/5


For a slightly more mountaineering bias the La Sportiva Trango Alp has the edge, but walkers may benefit from others. 4.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015