Hi-Tec V-Lite Sirocco

This sandal makes use of a synthetic upper which is fast-drying, so this would be ideal for river crossings and generally getting damp around a campsite. It does not have a conventional strap system: instead it has a drawcorded and elasticated panel that pulls the top of the foot into the heel. This is a very comfortable design that is easy to fit and adjust. The sole unit is nice and stiff, to make walks along a path comfortable underfoot. The sole is also precurved and the toe lightly sprung so you get a very natural walking action. The front of the sole is turned up a little to protect the toes, while the sides of the foot are also well-protected. Underfoot there is a very aggressive lug pattern that is ideal for tramping across a grassy campsite too. The price is also excellent for what you are getting. But my main concern is over durability, as I have yet to discover a low-priced product that can match an equivalent higher-priced product when durability is taken into account. Only time will tell if these sandals are durable enough to be hammered day after day, but for the occasional user durability is less of an issue of course. Some may prefer a less enclosing strap design too.


Upper: neoprene strap system with elastic cord and locking toggle
Sole: Traction outsole
Trail fit profile: forefoot 2; heel 2; volume 2; length 2
Sizes: 7-12 (men’s); 4-8 (women’s)
Weight: 608g (size 11)
Made in China
Stores in UK: England 190; Wales 35; Scotland 55; Ireland 55

Verdict: Buy it if you want a low-priced sandal for occasional use then this is fine, but others may be more durable in the long term.