Dolomite Stelvio EVO GTX (2014)


You get remarkable features for the price here with a Gore-Tex waterproof lining behind the fabric and suede upper. There is great stiffness in the toe box, heel cup and sole for rocky and uneven ground. The outsole also has some good, well-spaced lugs although a more pronounced heel breast would be preferable. 4/5


The Dolomite Stelvio EVO GTX only comes in men’s sizes 3-12½. It has a close and precise fit, making it ideal for negotiating uneven ground where precision is needed. The ankle cuff is a good height for 3-season use while the toe box is a good general size and shape for hillwalking to allow precision when scrambling and comfort when walking. 5/5


Tipping the scales at 1374g (pair, size 11), this boot feels light and therefore comfortable straight away. That neat, precise fit combines well with adequate padding to create an overall comfort level that is good for walking. As there is good stiffness in the upper and sole this boot remains comfortable on rockier ground too. 5/5

In use

The supportive upper combined with the good sole stiffness makes the Dolomite Stelvio EVO GTX great on rocky paths or loose scree. The outsole lugs are reasonable although others are deeper and have a more pronounced heel breast, but this is still a good all-rounder. Leather upper boots may be more durable in the long term but this is pretty good. 4/5


The performance far outweighs the price, making this great value, though a leather upper would be more durable in the long term. 4/5


The Dolomite Stelvio EVO GTX offers great weight, price and performance, unless you need a leather upper and an even better sole, or a women’s fit. It won a ‘Trail Approved’ accolade.


Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine December 2014