Dolomite Sparrow Low GTX (2015)


The Dolomite Sparrow Low GTX looks like many other general-purpose shoes, but you get a good stiff sole and stiff upper for a bit more support and protection. The upper is made from suede leather with synthetic mesh and synthetic reinforcement. A Gore-Tex lining provides waterproof protection while a Vibram sole with good general-purpose lugs is underfoot. 5/5


The men’s comes in sizes 5 to 12 while the women’s is in sizes 3 to 8. This is a general fit without the precise nature of more climbing-orientated designs. It is slightly higher-volume than some so it may suit those with chunkier feet than myself. It feels nice and spacious on me, with good wiggle room for my toes. 5/5


The Dolomite Sparrow Low GTX feels very good on the foot, in part due to the extra volume and wiggle room it provides. There is decent cushioning underfoot, and the shoe also provides enough support to make it comfortable on uneven ground. The Gore-Tex waterproof lining extends that comfort to wetter ground but it’s a little ‘clumpier’ and heavier than some. 4/5

In use

Good for general walking, but the upper isn’t quite as durable as some, as there’s a little more open space mesh and a little less reinforcement on the upper, making it less than ideal for regular use on rockier ground. The sole is also a slightly softer flex, which some may prefer, but for rockier ground a stiffer sole is preferable. 4/5


The Dolomite Sparrow Low GTX is great value, but spend another tenner on something like the Boreal Aztec and you get an even better shoe. 4/5


If you cannot stretch above the £110 price tag the Dolomite Sparrow Low GTX is the perfect general-purpose walking shoe for the UK hills. 4.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine May 2015