Dolomite Ortisei EVO GTX (2014)


There is a real mountain robustness about this boot, thanks to a good stiff flex in the sole. The toe box is very stiff and generally it feels ready for a tough day on the hill. The upper is a mix of synthetic DLM fibre and suede overlays, which protects the Gore-Tex waterproof lining. The Vibram outsole has deep, well-spaced lugs and a heel breast. 4/5


The ankle cuff is slightly lower than some models, which reduces any fit concerns for many people. But the Dolomite Ortisei EVO GTX is available only in a ‘unisex’ size range of 3.5-12.5, so it does not cater for the average women’s foot shapes as well as some. Fit is slightly looser than others and not quite so well-profiled, leading to a ‘baggier’ feel. 4/5


That lower ankle cuff reduces any discomfort of high ankle cuffs, but provides less support on uneven ground. The boot is quite light at 1356g (pair, size 11) and so when combined with the less restrictive ankle cuff it all makes this boot feel very comfortable. There’s good underfoot cushioning for hard surfaces too. 4/5

In use

The outsole has good lugs for grip on soft ground, while the heel breast improves braking on descents. The sole stiffness is also good for scrambling. That stiff toe box is great on rock too. This all makes the Dolomite Ortisei EVO GTX a great general hillwalking boot for on-path and off-path moorland or scrambling terrain. The upper may not be as durable as full leather though. 4/5


This is a very good boot in many ways, particularly at the price, with only minor niggles. 4/5


The Dolomite Ortisei EVO GTX is a good all-round valley, moorland, fell and mountain boot with a great price tag. However, there is no women’s version.


Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine December 2014