Dolomite Cougar Guide (2016)


The Dolomite Cougar Guide’s weight of 1848g is good for this category of boot. The upper is made from nylon and microfibre with a full rubber rand for extra durability and a Gore-Tex waterproof lining to keep the feet dry. The outsole is an extremely aggressive Vibram unit with very deep lugs and an impressive heel breast. There is good stiffness too to meet the B2 requirement and you can fit crampons with a heel clip. 5/5


Sizes are 6 to 11½ with no women’s option – a fairly narrow range. On the foot the fit is close and precise, with a narrow toe box and you do feel like the boot is hugging your foot shape. The ankle cuff is more supportive than some, which means there is a little less freedom of movement. 4/5


The comfort level is good if you like close-fitting boots, although it you prefer more freedom of movement or have wider feet you may feel the Dolomite Cougar Guide is restrictive. Equally when walking the forward roll of the sole isn’t as smooth as other boots and you don’t get so much forward flex in the ankle cuff; so while not uncomfortable as such, it isn’t as gentle on the foot. 4/5

In use

That precise, close fit makes the Dolomite Cougar Guide superb for scrambling, climbing and mountaineering as you really know where your foot is. The high ankle cuff is great for climbing or traversing slopes as it’s so supportive. Underfoot grip is excellent as the lugs are so deep, although when walking the smooth climbing zone at the toe isn’t so useful and it feels a bit too supportive and restrictive. 4/5


Exceptional value; and while better suited to mountaineers, I would buy it for walking. 5/5


The Dolomite Cougar Guide is a very well-priced, relatively light boot very well suited to more challenging winter terrain but walkers may prefer less support and more wiggle room. 4.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine January 2016