Crocs Endeavor

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win,” promised Mahatma Gandhi. He could have been talking about Crocs sandals (and how they have now been relentlessly copied). Around the house and garden our tester lives in a pair of these as do many professionals, such as veterinary nurses for example. At just 404g per pair they’re the lightest we’ve tested, and they’re antibacterial too, so they don’t take on the honk of sweaty feet. Better still, when they do get dirty they’re easily washed in running water and dry quickly. They are of course very fashionable at the moment, which is a pity, as those us of who don’t want to look trendy can’t bear to wear them in the streets!
Other sandals with straps provide a closer and more secure fit, so you need to take a little care when walking in them. They’re also very bendy so they’re not ideal on anything other than flat ground. The outsole doesn’t have the deep lug pattern of other sandals either. 


Upper: Croslite rubber
Sole: slip-resistant, non-marking, antibacterial
Sizes: 4-13 (men’s); 4-13  (women’s)
Weight: 404g (pair, size 11)
Made in: Far East
Stores in the UK: no info provided

Verdict: Ideal for hostels, huts, campsites and travel when low weight and comfort are the priorities.


First published in Trail magazine, April 2008