Contour Nevada 2010

Contour boots were developed by Scarpa as a lower-budget alternative, and so they deliver great value backed up by boot-making expertise. These are designed specifically for the British walker and feature a broader fit to suit the wider British foot. They are well-cushioned and feature a good sole that manages to keep a grip even on very muddy British hillsides.

The Contour Nevada is a lightweight leather boot that benefits from a Hydroban waterproof lining to keep the feet dry. The lining is well-protected by the upper as there is minimal stitching and no little corners where grit can slice away at the material if it should get trapped in a crease. The upper feels very soft and supple, and while there is an ankle cuff that is a notch higher than some others it is very soft and doesn’t restrict movement. This also helps keep a little more grit and grime from entering the top of the boot. Underfoot there is a very good sole unit which has a deep pattern of lugs, which grip well on mud and soft grass. The boot looks good for general walking on the easier terrain of lowland dales and moors.

On the hill
The Contour Nevada is instantly comfortable and I also liked that the foot feels quite close to the ground as this results in a very stable platform on every step. The soft upper and well-cushioned sole is very comfortable, and when used on soft ground the boots are excellent to wear. But the upper is so soft that as soon as these are worn on more challenging rocky terrain their drawbacks become very clear. The lack of stiffness means that the foot has to work much harder to stop it twisting and to keep a grip on uneven terrain. The toe box is quite soft too, so I would not want to take these over scree for example. I also found that I could feel jagged rocks underfoot more easily than some other boots. So when used on the moors and easier paths they were designed for, the Nevada is an excellent boot – but uneven ground does push its comfort to the limit.

Upper calf leather with Hydroban waterproof lining
Sole Contour with EVA cushioning
Sizes 41-47 (men’s); 37-42 (women’s)
Weight 1480g (pair, size 46)
Made in Romania
Stores in the UK 120
Stockist details tel. (0191) 296 0212;


The Contour Nevada has a durable leather upper with minimal stitching; Hydroban waterproof lining; aggressive outsole lug pattern with widely spaced lugs to prevent mud being trapped; good low-level ride improves stability. But the toe box and upper are quite soft and so offer less protection on rocky ground; sole flex allows some rocks to be felt underfoot; Hydroban waterproof lining may not be as breathable as some others. The Contour Nevada is a good boot for general walking but on rockier ground the softer toe box, sole flex and upper make it less comfortable than others.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine December 2010