Brasher Lithium GTX

A true lightweight, spring-orientated boot with full-fabric upper construction that gives them straight-from-the-box comfort. In an effort to strengthen the upper, Brasher have used plastic ‘Tri-Fit’ reinforcing strips (the upside-down V shapes you can see in the photo). These do offer some strengthening although the upper fabric remains quite soft, and coupled with the wide mid-foot volume, it makes these good for those with larger volume feet. The high ankle helps to keep mud and water out, and to get a snug fit keeping your ankle in place, but it doesn’t deliver great amounts of stiffness. The sole unit provides confidence-inspiring grip on most easy terrain with a good amount of padding for hard ground and a fairly shallow tread pattern ideal for easy terrain.

: 7-12 (inc ½ sizes)
Upper: Suede/fabric
Waterproof/ breathable lining: Gore-Tex
Sole: Brasher 3-part Trek
Weight: 1,360g
Women’s version: Yes
Contact: 0191 5165780;