Brasher Colima Leather GTX

These three-season boots from Brasher are a joy to wear, and so comfortable you could wear them on a big walk straight from the box with no breaking in. There is just the right amount of volume in the toe and heel, and the supportive leather upper moulds around your foot really well. The soft tongue and supportive ankle cuff are great too. They perform impeccably on every type of terrain. The rocking action in the toe is great, and the sole provides good grip and shock absorption over hard and soft terrain. The leather upper feels wonderfully durable, but can make them feel a little sweaty at times, and also quite heavy.

Verdict: A fantastic choice for UK hill-walking which will suit most people, especially those whose feet are on the broad side. They’re waterproof and supportive and the anti clogging sole grips really well on all surfaces. A bit hot and heavy though.

Colours: Chocolate

Sizes: 4-8 (UK including all half sizes), 37-42 (Euro’)

Upper: Full-grain leather

Waterproof/breathable lining: Gore-Tex

Sole: REVAlution anti-clogging rubber

Weight: 1,300g

Men’s version: No

Contact: 0191 516 5780;