Boreal Kira Lady

A heavy, masculine-looking shoe with very little support across the foot. Plenty of padding makes them fairly comfortable, but also means they are rather warm. Lack of support and ample padding makes them feel hot and clumsy. The Vibram sole acts as a good shock absorber, though, and the beefy upper keeps water out and protects feet from knocks.A chunky shoe with a nice grippy sole that offers good shock absorption. Excessive padding makes them a bit hot, though. Best for women with wide feet.

Colour: Brown

Sizes: 4-8 (UK including half- sizes), 37-42 (Euro’)

Upper: Leather with Teramida

Waterproof lining: Boreal Dry-Line

Sole: Vibram Mars

Weight: 840g

Men’s version: Yes

Contact: 0114 209  6220,