Berghaus Vantage XCR

These multi-activity shoes from Berghaus are quite a narrow fit, and take a couple of wears before they feel really comfortable. They’re a pleasure to walk in after that, with excellent lacing that really holds your feet in place. They are reasonably well padded, without being too restrictive, and the toe and heel boxes are spot on. Built upon an excellent Phylon midsole, the Vantage copes well with everything you can throw at it, and is just as comfortable on the canal path as in the hills. It has plenty of mesh in the upper, making it more breathable than most, and the Berghaus Alternator outsole is about right for all-round UK walking. Good looking, too.

Verdict: It’s £10 cheaper than the other outstanding shoe in the category – if it fits, don’t hesitate.

Colour: Charcoal

Sizes: 6-12 (UK), 39-47 (Euro’)

Upper: Suede/polyester mesh

Waterproof/breathable lining: Gore-Tex XCR

Sole: Berghaus Alternator

Weight: 800g

Women’s version: Yes

Contact: 0191 516 5700;