Berghaus Fellmaster GTX (2015)


The Berghaus Fellmaster GTX’s upper is made of 2.2-2.4mm Pittard nubuck leather with hardly any stitching plus a reasonably stiff and supportive construction to protect the foot. There is also a stiff toe box and this has a good rubber rand for more durability while a Gore-Tex waterproof lining keeps feet dry. The outside has reasonably deep lugs that are well-spaced and there is a heel breast. Looks good. 5/5


Available for men in sizes 7-12 and women in sizes 4-8, the Berghaus Fellmaster GTX is a good general fit with a spacious toe box. The ankle cuff is of average height and very supportive and close-fitting. The lacing works well to ensure the boot hugged my foot in the ankle area, and this basically felt good. 5/5


The ankle cuff and ankle area are a little firm compared to higher-priced boots, and generally this was perhaps not as comfy straight from the box as the absolute best boots costing a lot more. Underfoot cushioning is good though and the sole has a good forward flex to making walking easier. For this price the Berghaus Fellmaster GTX offers a good level of comfort. 4/5

In use

This is great for general walking on moors and paths as it has a good soft sole flex, but there is also enough stiffness to prevent rocky ground from being too uncomfortable. Grip on the sole is good (although some boots are even more aggressive) but again it’s good for this price band. The toe box and general support offered by this boot are great for general walking. 4/5


A leather upper, rubber rand and good sole plus a supportive design mean the Berghaus Fellmaster GTX is top value. 5/5


The Berghaus Fellmaster GTX is a great boot for general hillwalking at this price; you’d have to pay a lot more to find improvement over its minor drawbacks.  It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 4.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015


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