Anatom V1 Ex Ventia (2015)


The Anatom V1 Ex Ventia features a synthetic open mesh upper that has suede leather and rubber reinforcement. There is some stiffness in the toe, but not as much as in better shoes, and the heel cup is fairly supportive. There is no waterproof liner, though, so it’s good for warm weather but you need to avoid the wet. The outsole has good lugs for grip, but isn’t very stiff. 3/5


The Anatom V1 Ex Ventia is available in sizes 41-47 for men and 37-42 for women. The fit is quite close and snug with some tapering at the toe, which those with chunky forefeet may find restrictive – so try before you buy. As the shoe is quite soft in the upper and sole it moulds easily to the foot. 4/5


As you can blow through the upper this will be comfortable in warm, dry weather but in the slightest puddle you will get wet easily. There isn’t much stiffness in the upper or sole unit so on rockier and rougher ground your feet are going to be working harder than in stiffer, more protective footwear. But there is good cushioning underfoot. 3/5

In use

If used on dry forest tracks and footpaths the Anatom V1 Ex Ventia will be fairly useful, but on wet ground or more uneven and rocky terrain it will cope less well. There is good grip for soft ground, though, so certainly in hot weather it would be ideal. I’d recommend it for trips abroad when trekking on good paths. 3/5


The price is low as there is no waterproof lining, less stiffness in the toe and the upper isn’t leather. So no complaints on value. 5/5


The Anatom V1 Ex Ventia offers the minimum you need for countryside walking but is best suited to dry climates and good paths away from challenging terrain. 3.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine May 2015