Anatom Tri-aria Q2 2011

Anatom began training shop staff in how to fit boots in the early Nineties when they started selling Superfeet footbeds, later adding Teko socks to their portfolio. Now the company has introduced its own range of walking boots. Anatom should know a thing or two about feet and footwear, but can they successfully transfer that knowledge into making boots?
The Anatom Tri-aria range comprises just four options: two fabric boots in the Ventra series and two leather boots in the Quadra series. The boot tested here, the Q2 from the Quadra series, is described as a lightweight full-grain leather walking boot for hills and valleys. The other Quadra boot, the Q1, is described as being for mountain and valley walking, and it is stiffer and more supportive for use on rockier terrain.
My first impression was that this was just another brown leather boot. There is a virtually stitch-free leather upper, so there’s minimal chance of stitching failure or leakage. The upper is supportive and it generally feels great for walking, but the boot does not offer anything radically different.
The big shock for me was inside the boot as there is a fluffy lambswool footbed. This did feel very soft underfoot as I slipped the boot on for the first time, although I also found it mildly irritating as it gave a slight sensation that my sock had some loose threads under my foot. I replaced the lambswool with a standard footbed and the irritation disappeared, but then my foot felt more clammy – although I did still like the overall feel better than with the lambswool footbed.

Price £110
Upper 2mm full-grain leather; Tri-aria waterproof lining
Sole Vibram Grivola
Sizes 42-48 (men’s); 36-42 (women’s)
Weight 1552g (pair, size 46)
Made in Italy
Stockist details – tel. 0800 0323 505;


A practical 3-season boot for hill and valley. The lambswool footbed may not have instant appeal, but it does have benefits in terms of keeping the foot dry and cool.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2011