Alt-Berg Mallerstang (2013)

The Alt-Berg Mallerstang comes in five width fittings, so if you're struggling to get a pair of boots to fit, this is one to investigate more closely. It's also a great price and the performance is up there with the best. It's a well-established boot that’s built around a one-piece leather upper for durability. The ankle cuff is high enough to provide good support, but is also extremely comfortable. The outsole is a very aggressive unit with deep lugs that are widely spaced and ideal for gripping soft mud, scree or snow. The depth of the lugs also means the sole isn’t going to wear smooth anywhere near as quickly as other shallow-lugged boots, so you'll get many years of use. The Alt-Berg Mallerstang’s performance on rock isn't quite as precise as that of some other boots, but it’s great for general walking on snow, with or without crampons, and performs well below the snowline. Higher-priced boots have advantages in climbing or mountaineering performance, and some are lighter, but there isn’t much not to like here for general mountain walking. There’s no official female version, but with five width fittings and a size range from 5 to 13.5, it will fit many women.

Upper materials 2.8mm full-grain leather

Waterproof lining Sympatex

Sole unit Vibram Ice Trak

Women’s sizes none

Men’s sizes 5-13.5 (plus 5 width fittings)

Weight 1986g (pair, size 11)



The Alt-Berg Mallerstang is a good price for an all-round 3-4 season boot that has the potential to fit most users due to its five width fittings.

Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine December 2013