AKU Tribute II GTX (2015)


There are two main advantages to the AKU Tribute II GTX: one is the weight of just 1390g (pair, size 11) and the other is that the upper is made from full-grain leather with minimal stitching, so it is more water-resistant and durable. You also get a Gore-Tex waterproof lining. The toe box is stiffened but you don’t get extra reinforcement and the upper is slightly soft compared to others. 4/5


The AKU Tribute II GTX is available for men in sizes 3 -13 and for women in 3-8. The fit is close and quite precise compared to other lower-priced boots. It is slightly lower in volume than some, so it suits more slender feet. Its ankle cuff height is similar to others and generally it feels neat, dexterous and responsive. 5/5


This is a very comfortable boot partly due to the weight and closer fit, but also as the upper is a little softer than others. It also has good cushioning underfoot and around the ankle cuff so overall this is a very comfortable option that instantly feels great straight from the box. 5/5

In use

On the hill the AKU Tribute II GTX is very good with its lug pattern being slightly better for rockier ground than soft ground as the lugs are quite wide and closely spaced, so they do not bite into soil as well as more studded designs. The full-grain leather upper will more durable than most other uppers, but it is not quite as supportive on rougher ground and there is no rand. 4/5


The price is same as in 2014 so has to be good value as most boots have increased in price. 4/5


Low weight and durable upper material are the AKU Tribute II GTX’s benefits, but not the best grip on softer ground and not the most supportive upper. 4.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015