AKU Tribute II GTX (2014)


With this boot a 2mm full-grain leather upper with minimal stitching protects the Gore-Tex waterproof lining. The toe box is well-stiffened, although the heel cup is slightly softer. There is PU cushioning underfoot with a Vibram Dendera sole that has closely spaced lugs that may wear well but may clog more easily than others. 4/5


Available in sizes 3-13 for men and 3-8 for women, the AKU Tribute II GTX has a more precise and closer fit than some other boots. The shape at the toe is not overly ‘pointy’ but it is lower in volume than some. This fit makes it feel more dexterous and precise when scrambling and negotiating rockier or uneven ground in general. 5/5


That closer fit may be a problem for wider-footed people so try before you buy. If it fits the comfort is very good as it is well-cushioned throughout with a softness around the top of the foot and good cushioning underfoot. The ankle cuff is slightly higher than the other two boots in this price band, but comfortable. It also feels comfy underfoot. 4/5

In use

The AKU Tribute II GTX is a great all-rounder. The leather upper is great for durability on rocky ground while the stiffness on the upper and sole is again good for general walking as well as rocky ground. The outsole lug pattern has wide lugs that are closely spaced, which is great for rock, but on softer ground these will clog more easily than widely spaced lugs. 4/5


The price is a little higher than others but you are getting precise fit and a leather upper for the extra cash. 4/5


If you want a more precise fit for use on rockier ground the AKU Tribute II GTX is the best boot in our test. On softer ground others have advantages.


Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine December 2014