AKU Superalp GTX (2015)


The 2.6mm nubuck leather upper has minimal stitching so it should keep water out and be durable, but you also get a Gore-Tex lining and a wide rubber rand for a belt-and-braces approach. The ankle cuff is a good height, being higher than some other designs. There is a Vibram sole unit underfoot that has widely spaced lugs that are nice and deep. 5/5


The AKU Superalp GTX is one of the few options we looked at that will fit both men and women, as it is available for men in sizes 3-13 and women in sizes 3-8. The fit is good but perhaps not quite as close, precise and foot-hugging as some higher-priced options. The toe area is spacious but not as wide as some, but it’s not as narrow as others either, so a good middle ground. 4/5


At 1974g (pair, size 11) the AKU Superalp GTX is lighter than some and it does not feel quite as cumbersome as some broader boots either. There is good padding and cushioning throughout and a little more flex in the toe than the stiffest boots we looked at, making it a bit comfier on level ground, but not quite as comfortable as the best when using the toe edges on scrambles or snow. 4/5

In use

That very slightly softer flex than the best boot makes the Superalp marginally less ideal on snow. It does not feel quite as stable on foot placements as the best boot either. The sole lugs and heel breast are also very slightly shallower than the best. Tiny details, though, and really only what differentiates the boots, rather than being major problems. 4/5


For £200 the AKU Superalp GTX is one of the best 3-4 season boots out there, and it’s very difficult to beat at this price. 5/5


The AKU Superalp GTX is a boot that fits men and women and offers winter hillwalkers an excellent all-round performance for the price. It won Trail’s ‘Best Value’ award. 4.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015