HANWAG Najera GTX Surround walking boots

If you’re a proper Jack-be-Nimble, these may well be your boots: lightweight, pointy-toed and so supple you can twist them like a wrung sponge. That’s largely down to Gore-Tex Surround, a GTX variant that uses a thin spacer in the midsole to vent heat all around your foot. The system can’t be enclosed within a solid rand, so there is almost no midsole and very little protective casing around the sides of the boot. So you’re close to the ground and you will feel bumps and scuffs, but you carry less weight and your feetwill be far cooler than they would in regular Gore-Tex, but without losing waterproofing. The insole is hard, so if you hate excessive cushioning, you’ll like this. My only problem is that the outsole is much narrower than the upper, so I found that my feet often wobbled slightly to one side when placed; mostly just by a fraction but sometimes just enough to make me worry on a rocky descent.


RRP: £200

Sizes: 6-13

Weight: 1098g (pair)

Waterproof/breathable lining: Gore-Tex Surround

Outsole: Vibram

Women’s version: Yes

Contact: 02392 528711, www.hanwag.com


Light, fast and cool boots for fast hillwalkers who don’t need loads of cushioning.