Trangia Trangia

The Trangia is one of the most eternally popular camping stoves on the market, although it’s not to everyone’s taste. It is extremely simple, can’t go wrong and comes complete with a set of two pans, a frying pan that doubles as a lid, plus a perforated handle. It’s nearly impossible to knock over too. The built-in windshield makes it extremely efficient, and when burning meths it’s the cheapest on test to run. Indeed, this is the only stove to be enhanced by a stiff breeze. The good news for those who don’t like cooking on meths (ie slowly), is that this one comes with a gas attachment – you just click it into the burner hole to make a powerful gas stove. All of this for £40 makes it excellent value for money. But the problem with the Trangia is that it is both heavy and bulky, even though it includes your complete cook set. You also only get two heat options on meths – neither of which even begins to approach the heat provided by petrol or gas – and it takes a very long time to boil a pan of water, especially in winter.

Buy it if want a piece of outdoor history, don’t mind the weight and need an efficient all-in stove that can’t be knocked over. Better for two people than one.

Fuel types: meths, gas (with burner), or multifuel (with burner)

Also included: windshield, two pans, lid, frying pan, pot grip, instructions

Dimensions: 18x18x10cm

Boil time: 11min 1sec (3min 23sec on gas)

Weight: 430g (without pans) +178g for the gas attachment

Pan support diameter: 18cm

Max burn time: 45min 51sec (100ml meths) / 1hr 43sec (gas)