Trangia 25-8UL/HA

Trangia meths stoves are extremely well-established and are unbelievably simple to set up and use. The meths burner sits inside a housing that acts as a windbreak and pan support. Once assembled the Trangia is exceptionally stable, and unlike most stoves actually works better in the wind. The Trangia comes with three pans and a kettle; in this version the pans are hard-anodised for easier cleaning and more corrosion resistance. This set is large enough for two people to share, but there are one-person versions. You can also get a gas adapter (£35) or petrol burner (£120) if you don’t find the 11 minute boil time with meths quick enough. Simmer control is a little hit-or-miss, as you simply place a cover over the burner. I’ve used a Trangia for more than 20 years and they’re ideal for general camping and backpacking situations. But the limited flame control is irritating and, compared to some options, this is very heavy and bulky due to the large metal housing that encloses the pans and burner. The boil times are definitely slow, so if you want to eat fast and travel light this is not the best option.

Fuel type meths
Also included windshield, 3 pans, kettle, instructions
Packed size 21x21x10cm
Pan support diameter 17cm
Boil time (500ml) 11 min (meths); 3 min to 5 min (gas); 4 min 30 sec (petrol)
Weight 1055g 3 pans, kettle, burner set
Made in SwedenVerdict
A classic, simple stove-and-pan set that’s good for general campers and backpackers who aren’t in a hurry and want to keep their camping simple.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 2008