Trail Designs Caldera Cone Stove 2011

For a night or two of lightweight camping where you just need to heat up some water for a brew and to rehydrate a meal the Trail Designs Caldera Cone Stove is a perfect choice. It’s based around a tiny meths stove, which weighs just 16g. The key to its success, though, is the thin metal cone that acts as a windbreak and pan support and totally transforms performance by directing all the heat onto the pan. You have to purchase an MSR Titanium Titan Kettle at £55 to work with the burner and cone, but the whole cook set weighs in at 180g, which is still lighter than most stoves! It’s a very neat and compact solution for ultralight backpacking, and it’s so simple to use that there really is nothing that can go wrong.  But there’s no flame control with the Trail Designs Caldera Cone Stove, so you can’t do much more than boil water. Also, you only get 15 minutes of fuel per fill. Boil times aren’t very impressive and it’s a rather fragile piece of kit that demands a little care and attention when packing. The system only works with the MSR pan so if you suddenly decide you need more pans then you’ll need to go out and buy a new cooking system.

Fuel type meths
Also included fuel bottle, fuel measure
Packed size 12x12x16cm
Pan support diameter 11.5cm
Boil time 7min 30sec (with lid) to 9min (without lid)
Weight 16g burner, 34g windshield, 130g pan set (+ meths)
Made in USA

The Trail Designs Caldera Cone Stove is the perfect superlight backpacking stove, but its performance is very limited.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 2011