Trail Designs Caldera Cone Stove

This is a remarkable product,  based around a tiny meths stove that weighs only 16g. In the past I’ve tried these and they’re rubbish, but the addition of the Caldera Cone transforms the performance by acting as a windshield, supporting the pan and funnelling the heat to the base of it. The Caldera Cone is designed to be used with the MSR Titan Kettle (£43), and just fitting or removing the lid of the pot has a huge effect, which just goes to prove how carefully optimised this system is. It‘s ideal for boiling some water to throw into a dehydrated meal, or to make a quick brew on the hillside. The whole cook set weighs in at 180g, which is lighter than most burners! It’s neat and compact too, making it ideal for ultralight backpacking. But there’s no flame control and you only get 15 minutes of fuel per fill, so it’s only good enough for boiling water. Most other stoves can boil water faster than this even on a bad day. For the stove to work, you need the complete kit, as this is an integrated system. It’s also very fragile so don’t buy it if you think you might accidentally step on it!

Fuel type meths
Also included fuel bottle, fuel measure, instructions
Packed size 12x12x16cm
Pan support diameter 11.5cm
Boil time (500ml) 7 min 30 sec (with lid) to 9 min (without lid)
Weight 16g burner, 34g windshield, 130g pan set (+ meths)
Made in USAVerdict
This stove is minimalist with a capital M, but also functional with a capital F.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 2008