Primus Express Spider (2012)

The main problem with connecting a gas burner directly onto the top of a gas canister is that the result is a tall, unstable cooking system, due to the height created when a pan is placed on top. This means you have to be very careful not to allow the structure to wobble too much, as you could end up with hot water everywhere if it tumbles over. To improve stability you can choose a gas burner that connects to a remote gas canister via a hose. The Primus Express Spider is one of the best examples of this design; it is relatively lightweight too at just 194g and compact when folded. It also benefits from 16cm diameter pan supports so you can really do some kitchen-quality cooking with this burner and it could also be used to prepare food for a couple of people more easily than other burners here. It’s very use to use too as the gas is regulated away from the hot stove so you don’t risk burning yourself. The Primus Express Spider also has a preheat tube to improve performance in cold weather.

Fuel type gas
Includes stuffsack
Packed size 11x8x4cm
Weight 194g plus fuel



The Primus Express Spider stove is the best for stability among those we looked at.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 201