Primus Eta Express

The Eta Express is the one-person version of the Eta Power stove, and both are superbly efficient thanks to their use of a heat exchanger on the base of the pan. In fact, the burner on the Eta Express is identical to the Primus Express with ignition unit, so it’s the pans that are key and they manage to deliver an incredible performance. You also get a windshield that further improves efficiency. All this packs down inside the pot to make this a very neat and backpack-friendly option. The pan is a little wider than the JetBoil, which makes it a little more useful as you can just about cook a meal in this pan if you have to, rather than just boil water. The pans are also a little more stable than the JetBoil ones thanks to their lower height, and they also have folding handles which make them very easy to use. But this is not as stable as lower-profile stoves or the bigger Eta Power option. As the pans are what makes the performance so good, the best boil times are only available with the dedicated pan set. There are lighter options available, but they may not be as efficient, so you could end up carrying more fuel.

Fuel type gas
Also included dedicated pan, windshield, instructions
Packed size 16x11x11cm
Pan support diameter 13cm
Boil time (500ml) 2 min to 3 min 20 sec
Weight 98g stove, 332g pan set (+ gas)
Made in EstoniaVerdict
One of the most efficient gas stoves for backpackers. The pan shape is better for cooking than similar alternatives. It was rated ‘Best Value’ in our test.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 2008