Optimus Nova

This is a real top-end multi-fuel camping stove that will happily burn just about anything, making it cheap to run and perfect for foreign jaunts and expeditions. It’s extremely well-made, packs down pretty small and has excellent, curved supports to accommodate a wide range of pan sizes. The pump system is metal and has an excellent, auto-clip fuel line attachment. Also, it’s easy to achieve a simmer and yet it fires up into an efficient, roaring flame – we got 2 hours 21 minutes out of a full 0.6 litre fuel bottle. One innovative device is the internal magnetic cleaning needle which allows you to easily clear a clogged jet (a common problem with dirty fuels). You also get a tool to make the stove field-maintainable, plus excellent instructions and a fuel bottle. But this is an expensive stove, and £115 is more than most people will want to pay unless using it on a very regular basis. It’s also heavier than others in its class. Annoyingly, the removable flame spreader plate that sits above the jet comes off very easily and if lost renders the stove unusable. You also don’t get a windshield, which at this price feels a little stingy.

Verdict Buy it if you need a high quality stove that burns almost all fuels, making it perfect for overseas use in areas where the type of fuels available may be limited. Also perfect for those who demand good control over their flame.


Fuel types Coleman fuel, paraffin, diesel, jet fuel, petrol, rapeseed fuel

Also included carry case, instructions, pump, bottle, ‘Magic’ tool

Dimensions 13.5x8.8x6.5cm

Boil time 2min 49sec

Weight 328g (+118g pump)

Pan support diameter 16cm

Max burn time 2hrs 21 min