Optimus Crux Lite

At 74g this stove is extremely lightweight, and it’s also extremely compact. There are a few stoves that weigh almost the same as this one, but the Crux Lite just about has the edge when everything else is taken into account. Firstly it’s easy to assemble and use the stove – you just have to fold out the pan supports. The head provides an excellent boil performance with good control. Some of these tiny gas burners are wobbly while others have such delicate construction that they’re easily bent or even broken during set-up, but not this one. It feels tough enough to handle roughly, while being light enough and small enough to lose in a pocket. Ideal for lightweight backpackers, particularly if you’re only away for a night or two. The price is excellent for what you get. But like all these stoves, it’s not as stable as lower-profile designs. Also, the best boil time is only available with a fresh gas canister, which again makes it best for shorter trips. Other stoves have wider pan supports and better boil times from their dedicated pan sets. Add your own foil windshield and you’ll get even better performance. 

Fuel  type gas
Also included stuffsack, instructions
Packed size 6x7x7cm
Pan support diameter 7cm
Boil time (500ml) 2 min 30 sec to 4 min 30 sec
Weight 74g stove (+ gas)
Made in USAVerdict
A superb lightweight gas stove that’s ideal for weekend backpackers when weight and pack size can be easily stripped to a minimum.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 2008