MSR Windpro

It is true that you get what you pay for, and although this is pricy for a remote canister camping stove, you soon work out why. It’s beautifully made and perfectly simple, plus it’s exceptionally light. It’s also a dream to use, offering excellent control over the flame level and a big, wide burner that spreads the heat evenly out on the bottom of even the biggest pans. When turned up full blast on a new canister it doesn’t flare, although in their enthusiasm the flames can overshoot the pan. Still, it brings half a litre of water to the boil in a good time and burns canisters efficiently enough. As for the structure, the pan supports are fantastically wide, and the stove is good and stable. You also get the superb MSR windshield and heat reflector , which add enormously to the overall efficiency (in fact, they’re invaluable), plus a small parts kit and a lifetime warranty. But it’s expensive for a remote canister stove and doesn’t have the best performance on test, though it’s still easily better than others of its type here (and that windshield means it will out-perform many others on the hill, even though this doesn’t show in our statistics). As a gas stove it will never be as powerful or versatile as one that runs on petrol, but then that’s gas stoves for you.

Verdict Buy it if you want the best remote canister stove on test and have the money to invest in it.

Fuel types gas

Also included stuffsack, instructions, windshield, toolkit

Dimensions 15x9.5x8cm

Boil time 3min 30sec

Weight 196g (+64g windshield)

Pan support diameter 15cm

Max burn time 1hr 30min