MSR Whisperlite International

This is a modern classic stove that’s ideal for extended trips. The stove weighs in at a respectable 402g plus fuel. Setting up is easy and, like all petrol stoves, lighting is easy once you get the knack. The boil time is very impressive at around three minutes, which will be the same no matter how much fuel there is in the fuel bottle. The pan supports are wider than average and ideal for general cooking, while a simple foil windshield greatly improves performance during breezier conditions. I particularly like the low profile of this stove as this helps to make it stable. The fuel tank and flame controls are situated away from the burner which means it’s a little safer to handle when you’re boiling a pan of water on the stove. It’s been well-proven in the field for many years, too. But you have to pay extra for a fuel bottle and step up to the MSR Dragonfly (£125) if you want a decent amount of simmer control. Like all petrol stoves, a little more care is required when lighting, compared to gas or meths burners. Also, if you’re only away for a weekend, a lighter basic gas stove is probably a better option.

Fuel type refined petrol, unleaded petrol, paraffin, diesel
Also included stuffsack, windshield, instructions, tool kit
Packed size 17x9x19cm
Pan support diameter 17cm
Boil time(500ml) 2 min 30 sec throughout fuel life
Weight 340g stove, 62g windshield  (+ fuel and fuel bottle)
Made in USAVerdict
A classic multi-fuel stove that has proven pedigree when camping and backpacking anywhere in the world. It was rated as ‘Best in Test’.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 2008