MSR Pocket Rocket

The Pocket Rocket is ridiculously small and impossibly light, making it an extremely attractive camping stove for anyone who likes to travel with a minimal pack. It is very similar in this respect to some other stoves, but it beats these mainly because of the excellent price. Performance wise it is excellent, bringing a pan to the boil in just over three minutes, and you can eke out just shy of 2 hours’ cooking from a canister. Combine all this with the pure simplicity of design, a good, compact case, wide pan supports for the class, great flame control and the quality workmanship we expect from MSR, and you have an excellent, minimalist stove. But this, being a screw-on stove, suffers from three main setbacks: it has poor stability because of its height, it are harder to arrange a windshield around, and when the canister begins to wane, you can’t tip it upside down or shake it for increased performance. These problems, however, are common to all screw-top designs.

Verdict Buy it if you want an extremely small, lightweight stove with plenty of power, and you are not put off by the constraints of screw-top stoves. It’s also extremely good value.

Fuel types gas

Also included carry case / instructions

Dimensions 11x5.5x5.5cm

Boil time 3min 06sec

Weight 94g

Pan support diameter 9.5cm

Max burn time 1hr 57min