Jetboil Sol Ti (2012)

The Jetboil Sol Ti is the latest incarnation of the Jetboil Personal Cooking System (PCS), which revolutionised solo backpacking when it first appeared on the outdoor scene in 2001. The secret to its efficiency is the dedicated cooking pot with a heat exchanger at the base. The system is also incredibly compact, as the burner can be packed into the cooking pot. Furthermore it is also very easy to use as there is a clicker ‘piezo’ ignition on the gas burner. The standard Jetboil now comes in many incarnations, including the popular Flash costing £95 and weighing 397g. But this new Jetboil Sol Ti weighs just 240g, thanks in part to it having a smaller 0.8 litre pot, rather than the 1 litre pot provided by the original PCS and the Flash. The pot is also made of titanium to save weight. As the pot is still quite deep and narrow it is not ideal for cooking elaborate meals, though Jetboil does sell a range of utensils with long handles so you can more easily stir the contents of the pot. Jetboil stoves work particularly well with dehydrated meals and are ideal for fast and efficient basic camp food.

Fuel type gas
Includes dedicated pot and burner
Packed size 10.5x15.5cm
Weight 240g plus fuel



The Jetboil Sol Ti stove is the best for efficiency among those we looked at.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 201